A piece of Hollywood returns to Canberra with the 14th year of Lights! Canberra! Action! short film festival. This festival represents a new wave of storytelling, introducing emerging filmmakers to the scene.

Unique to the festival, each film made specifically for Lights! Canberra! Action! must include and feature ten special items, which are provided to the filmmakers at the commencement of filming. The filmmakers then have only ten days to shoot, edit and produce a seven minute masterpiece exploring the theme of ‘right’. What these talented filmmakers produce will astound you.

The top twelve finalists will be screened at the majestic Senate Rose Gardens at the Museum of Australian Democracy.  The winners of this short film festival will be announced immediately after the screening. Bring a bean bag, blanket and popcorn, and settle in for a great night of film viewing.

Date: 10 March
Time: 7:00 pm, films from 8:00 pm
Venue: Senate Rose Gardens
Cost: Free

What films made it to the top 12?

Applicant 23
Comedy  7 mins
Producer, Writer Director: Lachlan McLennan
Richard turns up for a simple group job interview. He’ll soon find out how simple it isn’t.

Gold Filling
Comedy 4 mins
Producer/Director/Writer: Isack Hoppitt
Todd is startled to find an intruder in his house.

Comedy 7 mins
Producers: Tina Costessi & Adrian Muscat, Director/Writer: Bruce Davie
No one is safe with a new breed of mugger patrolling the streets of Canberra.

Drama 5.30 mins
Producer: Alex Jackson, Director/Writer: Katie Filippello
A woman meticulously captures all her goals and dreams, but whether she achieves them is another matter…

Brothers in Alms
Documentary 7 mins
Producer, Director, Writer: Sebastian Chan
Canberra is known for its affluence and is quickly becoming a global city, however, global cities still have local shortcomings.

Comedy  5.20 mins
Producer/Director/Writer: Ryan Caird
Death goes on holiday and sends his lackey to collect a soul.

M.I.P.S.T: The Right Thing
Comedy  7 mins
Producer/Director/Writer: Declan Shrubb
Two freelance detectives attempt to solve their toughest case yet: a film festival snub.

Mockumentary 7 mins
Producers: Samuel Gordon Bruce / Ross McSpedden, Director/Writer: Ross McSpedden
A peak into the life of a misguided political hopeful who has an odd phobia, fearing anything to do with the left.

Battle for Bruce
Comedy  7 mins
Producer: Chris Hurley, Director: Ashlee Robertson, Writers: Jordan Carlton/Ashlee Robertson
Two film crews, one location. Who will be victorious?

The Write Stuff
Comedy 7 mins
Producers: Patrick J Gallagher & Tim Stiles, Director/Writer: Patrick J Gallagher
Tim’s agent wants him to drop his latest comic book creation. But Cthulhu Williams has other ideas…

The Balloon Man
Horror/Comedy 7 mins
Producers/Writers: Rachael O’Neill & Dan Sanguineti, Director: Dan Sanguineti
Some fear the Boogie Man. Tonight, you will only fear the Balloon Man.

The Righteous
Noir 7 mins
Producers/Writers: William He, Henri Scott, Director: Wiliam He
Something’s wrong in the City of Right, and it’s been left to a detective to uncover the truth.